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Organza Communications is a one-stop shop for your internal and external digital communication needs. Our mission is to maximize client profits by providing innovative solutions driven by our core business principles:

Power: We build value for your audience, ensure your voice is heard, and help you generate consistent revenue through powerful communications.

Balance: We bring your information streams together to unify your business communications. We create a cohesive brand identity and help grow a community that champions your brand from the inside out.

Efficiency: We simplify business processes, improve workflows, and free your people to engage in higher value work.

Effective communication is complex. Reduce costs, save time, and simplify operations with a company whose business is to know yours.


Our name Organza, a blend of the words ‘organization’ and ‘bonanza’, represents our core promise to clients: we create abundance through better, more efficient communications.

Organza is also a type of fabric, considered both traditional and new. Innovative and enduring, it symbolizes our commitment to weaving proven business practices with current and competitive solutions in an ever-changing economy.

Our logo, a coloured fan, reflects our company values. It is inspired by pinwheels, origami, and most of all, the iconic wind turbine at the peak of Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain.

In Chinese culture, the pinwheel is revered as a symbol for turning obstacles into opportunities. Origami is the Japanese art of folding and sculpting. At Organza, we take these principles to heart, and pride ourselves on being agile, adaptive, and responsive to change.

Grouse Mountain’s iconic three-blade wine turbine not only recalls our home base in Vancouver, it encompasses our business vision. A three-blade turbine produces the best combination of high rotational speed and minimal stress, thereby maximizing power and efficiency, while reducing vibration and noise.

Power, balance, and efficiency are the three blades of our business. We generate continuous value by streamlining business processes, reducing noise, and ensuring your voice is heard.

Organza Logo


In our experience, one of the toughest problems businesses face is managing their information streams. Lack of process or strategy causes redundancy, inconsistent messaging, email noise, ineffective community and brand engagement, and more – all of which impact your bottom line.

Effective, strategic, and profitable communications require management support, dedicated personnel, and resource commitment. It can be overwhelming, but with the right toolbox, information architecture, and knowledge base it doesn’t have to be.  

We created Organza Communications to be your one-stop shop. Our enthusiastic team not only produces content and gives voice to your business, but also creates the systems for you to manage it.

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Organza Communications

Full-service communications and development services for small and medium-sized businesses in Vancouver, BC and beyond.

We provide integrated solutions to grow and streamline your business from the inside out.

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